I love this ep!  One of my absolute favorites.  Don't let this title fool you -- the only booze reference in this ep is a wine bottle that gets transformed into a baby bottle... (total aside here:  how come if you've got wine in a bottle, you call it a wine bottle, and if you've got beer in a bottle, you call it a beer bottle... but you don't put babies in baby bottles?)

At the beginning, Caje does not look like he at all agrees with Saunders' order to go sneak up on the Krauts and grenade them.

(DA!)--Oh well, he does it anyway, and we see some lovely crawling en route.

What a terrific, horrified expression on Kirby's face when the baby cries after Kirby fires at it!  Awww, and it's such a CUTE baby!  When I have kids, I want them to look just like that!

Poor Saunders can't hear what the person on the other end of his chatterbox is saying... the guys are cooing and burbling too much.  He's lost 'em already!  No one's listening when he tries to explain the plot (I think it's something about getting across a river?  I'm not paying attention either.  *Gasp!*  Did White Queen just admit to not hanging on Saunders' every word?!)

Saunders sooooo doesn't want to leave that baby.  Once he gets the guys to go outside, he has his own private moment with the poor tot.  Awwwwwwww!  C'mon, everybody, say it with me: Awwwwwwww!

You know, Littlejohn probably COULD stick the kid in his pocket ;-)  And what's this -- Billy thinks the Sarge is wrong?  I don't believe it!  What's next -- will he refuse to let us boil water in his helmet now?  Ditch Littlejohn in favor of being Kirby's buddy?  Throw stones at windows?  Snatch little old ladies' purses?

The guys get pretty loud about their disgust.  I keep expecting Saunders to give 'em a good hollering.  Instead, he gives in.  Oops!  He's gonna regret that (and you can bet he'll never do it again!).

Why do they let Doc carry the baby?  He doesn't even know enough to put something over the kid's face to protect it from the sun... awwwwwwwww, it makes the cutest baby noises!  Hey, Sarge, can I have one?  Uh, I didn't mean that the way it sounded.  No, wait, I did!  Anyway... didja know that one of my brothers-in-law really DID look like Churchill when he was a baby?  His parents actually stuck a tiny cigar in his mouth and took pictures!

(DA!)--Saunders tells Kirby to shut up!  Swoon!

Don't give the baby to Doc--he's a baby killer! I sure hope he doesn't become a pediatrician after the war!

Hey, if Doc hadn't suddenly invented CPR and the baby had stayed dead, how do you think Sarge woulda reacted?  Would he yell at Doc?  Or blame himself?  As it is, Doc magically transforms into Miracle Max from "The Princess Bride" and brings back the baby from being Mostly Dead.  I've never seen a bunch of guys so happy to hear a baby cry!

Once again, someone doesn't listen to Saunders (Stroback, in this case) and winds up dead.

We continue the Littlejohn-loves-bicycles routine, which I personally find very cute.

Billy seems to revert to his normal helpful self.  He lets the gang put rocks in his helmet, then use it as a milk pail.  Guess thinking the Sarge is wrong wasn't a sign of emerging disagreeableness after all.

Saunders has to take the baby's side suddenly, when they find out it's half-Kraut.  He makes a speech about how the baby could still get us all killed, but you know he's thinking that it's he himself who's gonna get them killed by not being the perfect leader.  Poor darling.  Er, I mean...

(DA!)--Saunders and Caje could just keep crawling along beside that river for another five or ten minutes, and I wouldn't mind!

Caje has picked up Kirby's signature deprecatory "Aaaaahhhhh" noise.

The river sounds like ice cubes rattling around in a metal bowl.  Or gunfire.  Anyway, it's really loud.

(DA!)--Mmmmmmmm, we're ALL wet!  Too bad we don't stay that way.  Why do our clothes always dry so quickly?  Derned California sun.  And whoa!  Brockmeyer needs to go shirtless more often!  He has some major muscleage going on!  Hubba hubba indeed!

Saunders gets fuzzier and fuzzier as the ep progresses.  It's like worrying increases beard growth or something.

I adore the look of sheer terror on Caje's face when they halt him on the bridge after initially letting him through.  I always think he's gonna bolt.  Lucky that Kraut doesn't notice this Frenchman has American cigarettes...

I'm always fascinated by how an artillery shell can land RIGHT BESIDE one of us, and we're fine.  But if a grenade gets within ten feet of a Kraut, it's curtains for him!  So much for being the Master Race.

Again, I ask, why does Doc have the baby?  He drops it!

(DA!)--Of course, Doc's baby-dropping is really so Saunders will have to go protect it, then look sheepish and adorable and get all husky-voiced.  Drool!

Heh heh, at the end, Saunders is all "Don't make me hold the baby!  It'll ruin my manly image!"  Nah, we'll just think he's even awesomer.  And wouldn't he make a cute daddy?  Sigh...


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