What is up with the freakish opening music?  It sounds like something pulled from a 60's spy show.  I know they have a thing for making Hanley into a secret agent, but this is taking things a bit far!

Awww, the guys are so cute when they start salivating over the nurses.  Even Saunders gets a kind of glazed expression.  Kirby goes from yawn to drool in about two seconds.  Guess that's why they call the before-credit sequence a 'teaser,' eh?

Speaking of out-of-place 1960's elements, Peggy Ann Garner has majorly non-40's hair.

Saunders and Kirby sure aren't shy about oggling the Marchs' liplock.  C'mon, guys, give the poor couple some privacy!

I love Caje's disbelieving "He's got one.  He's got a nurse," spoken in such hushed and reverend tones as March wanders out with Mrs. March.

Kirby has a bad case of mood swings in this ep.   He goes from announcing he's March's best buddy, to telling March he's got no chance to get a 48-hour pass, to "Any friend of Andy's..."

It's pretty obvious Mrs. March doesn't love Andy.  I mean, if that was me and my hubby in that situation, I'd be like, "Hey, guys, give us five minutes in my tent" at least.

(DA!)--What a cute little look Saunders wears when he tells Hanley that March ran into his wife.  And then Hanley smirks back... very adorable.

 The whole scene with the guys in line at the water tank thing -- I'd never seen the middle part of that before!  The part where Littlejohn and Kirby get into it once again -- it was totally cut from the syndicated version I saw as a kid.  And it's so funny!  "C'mon, Kirby, go to the end of the line."  "You put me there."  "I'll put you on top of the moon!"  Yikes!

Caje seems to be kinda mad at Kirby in this ep.  He keeps snapping at him... I think he's sore that Kirby got a new best buddy.  Or maybe he just likes deflating Kirby's ego now and then.

Can I please slap Kirby when he's in the cafe? His French is amusingly pathetic, but he needs to get a grip!  The splicing of Jack Hogan's fight scenes with his stuntman's are pretty good, except the stuntman has too much hair.

What in the world was Caje dreaming about?  That's quite the yelp he lets out when Saunders (admittedly none-too-gently) wakes him up.

(DA!)--Speaking of which, could I please have Saunders as my alarm clock from now on?  :-9  Not the toe-in-ribs version, the gentle-hand-on-your-shoulder version.

Hmph.  I don't feel at all sorry for Kirby.  He deserves what he got.  No comfort for his hurt!

Should the surgeon be smoking his pipe in the hospital?  That doesn't seem very sanitary...

(DA!)--Let's throw some more explosions at Saunders and watch him jump up and fall down over and over!

Again with Saunders being protective -- he covers Billy's exposed neck, then March's wounded body.

Okay, when does this chick, er, Mrs. March have time to do so much makeup?  And where is she getting her supply of false eyelashes?  And why is she batting them at Saunders?  Grrr.

(DA!)--Okay, seeing Kirby half-shirtless is pretty nice.  He does get points for landing himself prone and helpless on a cot.

Okay, fine, I will forgive Kirby.  He doesn't believe the peeping tom at first, and defends Andy's wife.  That plus the shirtless proneness put him back in my good graces (a very important place to be, you know.)

The very best part of this whole ep is the scene in the hospital where Saunders just glares at Kirby, and Kirby rips his own self up.  Zowie!  Way to go, Jack Hogan!  Very powerful and believable and ouchy.  (Of course, we don't know that Saunders is glaring, cuz his back is to the camera... for all we know, Vic could be making monkey faces.)

(DA!)--OH YES!  Saunders is leaning against a wall and smoking... and he puts his hand in his pocket!  Wow!  That's so hot!  (Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm weird.  A guy puts his hand in his pocket and I have heart palpitations)

Really, there is nothing more chilling or  thrilling than Saunders snarling "You shut up, Kirby, you hear me? you just shut up!"  And he does it twice in this ep! 

(DA!)--And then we get more leaning and smoking from Saunders, plus some coffee-drinkage!  It's like The Writers want me to completely ruin this shirt with all my drooling!

What is it about Saunders that makes people open their personal lives to him after he expressly tells them not to?

And it seems Kirby made a friend in the hospital.  Poor 'Honey Sir' doesn't get much of a role, or else the censors cut all the rest of her scenes...

Oh yeah, this ep also features Saunders again verbalizing his Main Mission in Life:  "Only thing I can do is try to hold onto my men.  Try to keep them alive."


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