Nice action at the beginning, but not gripping.

(DA!)--Oh my!  Saunders and Hanley smoking and talking -- woohoo!   They're helmetless!  They're kinda dirty!  Please talk more!

I love this exchange, and the acting that goes with it:  "What -- are you pulling rank on me?" Saunders asks. "That's right," says Hanley (with a charming grin!).

The Kraut Lt. says:  "You think books teach you about life?"  Well, actually, I do.  And I think tv shows do too.  So there.

Hanley skulks well.  I can see why they put him in the spy episodes.  He could be James Bond!  Okay, okay, so he's not British.  Or wearing a suit.  But still, very nice.

(DA!)--Yeow!  Watch Hanley l-e-a-n through that doorway to whisper with the librarian!

Later though, I think he could get better results by charming the librarian than by shaking her.  I'm personally not fond of being shaken, and I bet she isn't either.

Hey, how come the creepy Kraut Lt. isn't suspicious of the librarian's attitude change?  Believes what he wants to, I guess.  Gee, it seems easy to charm a bad guy into getting what you want.  Maybe I should try it sometime... now, I've just gotta find me an evil Kraut... I know there's one around here someplace...

Rick Jason must have had big hands.  He could hold a pistol and turn a doorknob at the same time!  I'm impressed...

Yeah, when Hanley and the kids run over the bridge out of town, it sounds very echoey.  Must be the water.  Couldn't possibly be cuz they're on a soundstage...

At the end, as they stand over the body of the dead librarian, Saunders tells Hanley, "Just think of those kids -- they're alive and safe."  And Hanley obviously wants to reply, "But the pretty girl died!  And I never got to kiss her!  Only the lousy Kraut got to kiss her!  This is SO not fair!"   



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