No hallelujahs for this ep either -- it's one of my least favorites in the entire series.  Doesn't help that Elizabeth Allen reminds me so much of actress Joanna Barnes, who played the would-be-usurper 'Vicky' in the original "Parent Trap."  I keep expecting her to say things like "Oh, only part of the fun!  What do you do on Saturday night?  Go down and throw rocks in the lake?"  Anyway...

In this episode, it seems Sgt. Saunders will be playing the role of "The Little Match Girl."  He certainly looks the part, with that blanket over his head!

Hmm.  Hanley tells Saunders to have the men form a chow line, but not to bunch up.  That sounds tricky.

It looks like Vic almost falls off the truck that pulls up with the hot chow.  He jumps up on the running board, and seems to miss his footing, so just kneels on it instead.

I do like all the photos Vicky, er, Glory takes of our guys.  My faves are Doc brushing his teeth and the guy walking into the woods with a newspaper....

Why are Saunders and Hanley late to the briefing?

I don't like any of these war correspondents.  They spend more time snarking at each other than paying attention to the information they supposedly need.

Saunders gets all my favorite lines in this ep.  I love this exchange between him and Glory... she says, "It's my head," and he very adorably replies, "I'm temporarily in charge of it until we get back to the Captain."  He does very well at trying to be patient without actually laughing at  her.  And then when she leaves, he announces, "I could do without her."  Me too!

Hee hee, Littlejohn wakes Kirby up with the business end of his rifle.  Just a great little touch, continuing their antagonistic relationship.

Glory seems to have a very sophisticated camera.  She rarely needs to adjust her lense -- it automatically focuses on her subjects, no matter how close or far away they are.  It sure looks like an SLR (single-lense reflex), but she's using it like a point-and-shoot...

I must admit it's not really Glory's fault that the village thinks they're being liberated.  It's that stupid loud woman in the window who starts the whole thing.

(DA!)--Hanley looks verrrrry nice standing in the back of the jeep, leg at an angle, all Pattonified...

Whoa!  Kirby's really gettin' the love from some random village girl!  Saunders and Littlejohn just get kids with hair to ruffle and cheeks to pinch, but Kirby gets a lapful of loveliness!

Honestly, if I was in the Resistance, I would not announce myself to the whole town the moment I think I've been liberated.  I'd wait for about 3 years, just to be sure.

(DA!)--Some lurvely closeups of Hanley while he's trying to persuade the Resistance woman to come with them.  He's framed so nicely against sky and rooftops... that's the money shot for the ep!

(DA!)--There are some very nice shots of Saunders, Kirby, and Caje running around while on recon.  And they always manage to run away from the camera!  How thoughtful of them!  Also, Saunders runs half-hunched-over very very very nicely.  Makes it especially easy to appreciate his... okay, okay, family show, not gonna go there...

What's this?  We rescue people on the grounds that they are 'very special'?  Aww, Hanley, didn't know you were such a softy!

They sure get their money's worth out of those jeeps with mounted machine guns in this ep, don't they?

Aren't Hanley's eyebrows expressive?  Watch them especially in his little exchange with Glory when she says "Don't worry about me," and he shoots back, "I couldn't care less about you, except you're holding us up!"

  The character 'Smith' gets so little screen time in this ep before being killed off, that the writers didn't even bother to think up an interesting name for him.

(DA!)--I love Saunders when he's mad!  Yeow!  He grabs hold of Glory's arm, jerks her into following him... *sigh*

I really like that we don't get to see inside the interrogation room.  Saunders and Glory's reactions are enough.  Don't over-gore me!

Another good Saunders line: "What are you anyway?"  Also love the look he gives her there.

(DA!)--What a lovely pose Saunders strikes when he's opening his mail!  First of all, he pulls of his glove with his teeth and just keeps it in his mouth for a while, which makes him very cute (remember the bread he carried around in his mouth a few eps ago?).  But then he takes the most lurvely sitting position -- one knee up, and the other at an angle on the ground.  IMHO, this is the hottest seated pose any guy can strike!  It's open, confident... just danged sexy!

The gooshy whooshy flashback annoys me.  Give the audience some credit for intelligence and being able to remember something they saw like ten minutes ago!

This is a very patchy ep, dialog-wise.  Caje and Kirby both get very clunky, out-of-character, moral-heavy lines:  "That guy who said 'War is hell' -- he sure said a mouthful," and "I wonder if he knows something now the rest of us don't."  Yuck!  Who talks like that?  They sure don't, usually.


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