In her "C!" book, Jo Davidsmeyer says that "No Time for Pity" is her guilty pleasure for season one.  Mine is "Night Patrol."  The plot is aimless.  We get a random character whose actions are really never explained.  But we also get some of the greatest lines in the whole season, and some of the best comic moments.

When I first watched this ep ten years ago, it was really creepy.  Creepier than it is on the DVDs.  Why?  Because either something was wrong with our video tape or something was wrong with the tape Channel 55 ran, and the music was horribly distorted.  The dialog was all normal, but the background music was all gurgley and warped.  Very very creepy.  Anyway, on to the ep...

Is the lightning-struck tree supposed to symbolize something?  It's too ambiguous to be a really good metaphor.

Littlejohn is so particular about blacking his face!  He puts a little dab here and a careful smudge there -- it's brilliant silent comedy.

When Hanley comes into our little barn or whatever, he doesn't look very wet, even tho outside the window it's raining quite hard.

The whole scene with Kirby jumping up and down is the first that delights me, and gives me one of my fave lines: "Gonna be a long night."  No, Kirby, it's gonna be a long episode.

Why does Saunders use his cute little hat to extinguish the candles?  What if a smoldering ember gets caught in it, and then his hair catches on fire?  Perish the thought!

Hooray for Kirby, bagging a Kraut offstage!

This lieutenant isn't very scary.  He's trying too hard to be scary, and it just comes off as annoying.  Like Rex in "Toy Story," only not as cuddly.

Hee hee, more subtle comedy.  The lieutenant yells at Saunders for calling him by his rank, and says, "Out here, rank doesn't mean a thing."  So what does Saunders reply?  "No, sir."  LOL

The lieutenant's accusations of cowardice are pretty silly, coming as they do from a guy who drowns scarecrows.

"I'm good in the dark, Sergeant."  Totally that Lt's creepiest line!  Also slashiest, come to think of it.  Why did I think of that?  Get out of my head, you horrid thought!

I absolutely adore the scene where Billy impersonates an officer!  I think it's my favorite Billy/Littlejohn moment ever.  Great lines here too, like "You callin' me a slob?" and "My name is Nelson, Lt. Nelson."

And then we cut right to the funny-in-a-completely-different-way scene between Caje and Kirby!  "You sayin' I ain't a good soldier?"  C'mon, Kirby, we been saying that for a loooooong time.  Only because we love you, of course.

(DA!)--Barefoot Caje!  Yum!

Another great line, from Kirby again:  "So you'll have young feet."

And another one.  Man, Kirby's on a roll in this ep!  "Sittin' around in your own grave waitin' for somebody to throw dirt on your face."  Love it!

The discussion on bats is also fun.  Especially the end when Billy pulls his hat down over his ears.

Hey, in that tunnel where Saunders and Kirby find those dead GIs, don't some of those stalagmites sticking up from the water look like monster teeth?  "Quick, Chewie, get us out of here!"  Also, this lieutenant can't have been here long, cuz those bodies aren't very decomposed.  (Okay, obviously not only have I watched too much "Star Wars" lately, I've also seen too many eps of "CSI: Miami").

The scene with the Krauts chasing us through the tunnels is pretty intense.  And they have a flame thrower!  Hey, how come we don't see more of those in the series?

And finally, one last great line, from Hanley to Saunders:  "I'll see you in the cemetery."  That one's more blatantly supposed to be funny, but I like it.

Um, at the end, Hanley puts out a call on the radio and identifies himself:  "This is Lt. Hanley, 2nd platoon, K company..."  I didn't think you were supposed to do that!  What are call signs for, after all?

Once again, I've gotta say I like Burt Kennedy eps, and I wish we had more.


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