Stupid radios, always needing to be rescued and getting people killed.  And then half the time they don't work anyway.  I think we should go back to smoke signals.  And um, what's up with Saunders using the call sign "King Tiger"?  Trying to confuse the enemy?

(DA!)--Mmmmmmmm, Saunders sprawls nicely in that crater, doesn't he?

I think a more interesting title for the ep would be "Have Bazooka, Will Travel."  At least, that's what Cpl. Cross's swaggering entrance suggests...

The scene with Littlejohn on the bicycle, teasing Billy, its just sooooo fun!  Littlejohn sure knows how to milk the moment.  And I love the way that Billy says "Littlejohn," with a childlike intensity.  Plus, the sight of Littlejohn wobbling about on that teeeny bike is just so amusing!

Whoa!  Doc 1 had a line!  Okay, really just one word:  "Great!"

Saunders tells Cross, "I think you got me mixed up with the Chaplain."  No way!  I highly doubt the Chaplain growls.

In the scene where Caje and Kirby are messing with the machine gun and Kirby spouts off about 'politics', it looks like Pierre and Dick are trying really hard not to laugh.  It works for Caje's part in the scene, but Littlejohn is smirking far too much for the crabbiness of his dialog.

And here's Lt. Hanley, bombin' around in his jeep again.  Must be nice!  And then regarding Cross, he tells Saunders, "He's a good man, Sergeant.  If he wasn't, I wouldn't have assigned him to you."  Ha!  He sends ALLLLLL the screwballs to Saunders and expects him to straighten them out.

(DA!)--Finally we get to the farmhouse, allowing Saunders to open the door and take his ultra-swoon-inducing Command Stance!  And then... he kicks open another door and does it again!  Be still, my fluttering heart!  Kirby climbing the stairs two-at-a-time and busting open doors ain't unexciting either.  And then... a third door for Saunders to open!  This could go on forever, if you ask me.  Notice the show's makers wisely refrained from putting in any dialog here to distract me from my drooling...

I find it amusing that when Billy says Doc 1 is "good at patchin' things up," he giggles.  Cuz we all know he's only teasing.

Why oh why does Saunders have to trust a proven loser yet again?  Cross is obviously lying about killing the Kraut in that barn.  What is Saunders thinking?  Oh yeah... there are nineteen minutes left in this ep.  That's what he's thinking.

The tire-repair scene is scripted and filmed like a medical operation, with Doc holding out his hand and barking his requests for implements, and having them slapped into his palm.

(DA!)--Can Billy get any cuter than his "no bubbles" grin?

(DA!)--Can Saunders lean on anything without becoming drool-inducing?  First the radio, then the wall...

Waaaah!  When Cross tells Saunders he has no forgiveness in his eyes, he's right!  That's one poisonous look our Sarge has there!

How come someone always interrupts Saunders just before he can beat the crap outta some jerk?  All he ever gets to do is grab 'em by their jacket-front.

I like Burt Kennedy eps.  I wish there were more.   



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