The most boring ep so far in this season -- it's ye olde tale of the rescued soldier falling for the French wench, though I'll admit her being an informer is a slightly interesting twist.  And it's nice to see the cutie at the beginning reading the dance announcement -- he's in "The Walking Wounded" and also a great ep of the show "Bronco," in which I think he played Billy the Kid.

Redeeming feature of this ep: Saunders hollering for a medic.  He's always so loud and urgent when he does that.

The kid that we kill dies with his eyes open -- isn't that kinda unusual for a show back then?  I seem to remember most tv characters dying with their eyes closed.

I have to admit Hanley is kinda handsome when he yells out of just one side of his mouth.  And he does that a lot, so I guess he really is handsome, huh?

What is Saunders supposed to do while Hanley just appropriates his squad and takes them wandering around the countryside?  Stay home and knit?  Grrr.

Braddock bathing is a little funny, and we do get to meet up with that cute kid who'll play Bijou in "The Little Jewel" in a year or two.  But I agree with Caje:  "This waitin' around here is buggin' me."  Let's get on with the show, folks!  Next episode, please.


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