The opening narration sounds like an episode of "The Lone Ranger."  I half-expect Tonto to appear next to one of the tanks, galloping along on Scout and ready to rescue the stupid settlers.

When the squad takes ten, Saunders gets all cute and says "Paris is that-a-way"... but there are also some Krauts that-a-way, and they're in an even meaner mood than he is.  I'm so glad they don't kill the puppy though... I'm a firm believer in the rule that small fuzzy animals should never get killed onscreen unless it's a Disney movie.  But I want Hanley to keep the puppy, because it humanizes him.  He is very sweet holding it, even though he has to get all tough with Jeffery Hunter's shell-shocked-looking character.

About Jeffery Hunter... I'm usually a big fan of his.  I love him in "The Searchers" and the original "Star Trek" pilot.  I even kinda thought he worked in "King of Kings."  But through most of this episode he is very stiff and flat.  Instead of seeing a guy eaten up by guilt and remorse, I see a guy who ate something unpleasant for lunch.  Could be just me though.

The problem with having our own resident tank is that it kills so much suspense in the episode.  Enemies with machine guns getting you down?  Who cares!  Just have the tank blow them away.  No need to get all tense and go searching house-to-house, in danger every minute.

I'm not usually a huge Hanley fan, but he looks very yummy when he thanks the tank crew for saving them twice -- he flicks his eyes up and down deliciously.

Littlejohn finds a bike shop -- is this a foreshadowing of eps to come?  Also, Littlejohn eyeing up the bottle on the table in that deserted house is priceless... you'd think it was Betty Grable perched there or something.

The little kid sitting behind the "empty! empty! empty!" oil drums has a very blank expression.  He just stares and stares, and it's very effective.  Really communicates something about what this poor little kid must have been through recently.

Again, Hanley looks good in this ep -- especially when he gets really angry.  Snarly and... okay, sorry.

So the guys disguise the tank... with leafy branches?  Huh?  Um, I see no trees or bushes in the area for them to get these from.  Also, how is that supposed to disguise the tank in the middle of a town?   Shouldn't they pile some broken boards and bricks and bits of trash on it instead?  Highly silly, IMHO.

I like how Sgt. Saunders is sort of the eyes through which we get to understand new characters.  I think that's one of the things I like about his PPTs, that in those scenes we really dig into what's going on with the characters.  Plus, seeing him spar verbally, dipping and jabbing, making the other person want to prove him wrong... it's good stuff. 

Jeffery Hunter does his best acting as he's dying in the church.  The silent tear gets me every time.

One last question -- why don't any of the French townspeople thank us for releasing them?  They just silently wander out past us.


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