I have never understood the title of this ep.  Can anyone enlighten me?  It just doesn't seem to make any sense.  (Thanks to all you alert readers who have answered this for me -- it's the first line of the Hippocratic Oath.)

It's great to see Temple again, and I forgot he gets wounded.  Probably because last time I watched this, I'd never seen "Rear Echelon Commandos," so to me he was just another schlub.  Now I'm pretty sad to see him get hurt.

May I please slap Doc?  All he ever does is blink and shake his head.  Try patching a wounded guy up for once!  He's not much good at anything but diagnosing people, really.  I guess the horses shoulda tipped me off someone would die -- it's an Altman ep, after all (yeah, I know I'm taking the whole animals/Altman/death thing a little too far... but it's weirdly true).

I love how Kirby keeps glancing around when they enter the convent.  Saunders removes his helmet and tries to be polite, but he really doesn't have the time or patience to deal with these stubbornly silent nuns.

Um, Doc says that the Frenchman should not be moved... but didn't we just move him?  Can we please get someone in here who knows what he's doing?

Kirby cracks me up, trying to score some sacred wine.  He finally thinks to take off his helmet when Temple asks if they're in a church.

These nuns are really creepy.  You can't see their faces -- they remind me of ringwraiths from "Lord of the Rings."

Kirby's loads of fun in this ep -- he keeps trying to read any papers or maps that Saunders holds.  I'm surprised Sarge doesn't tell him to shove off.  Then Kirby tries to see the "nurse" nun's face.  He sure is curious today!  And he hits the nail bang on the head when he says we already have a nurse (ie Doc), and what we need is a doctor.  Couldn't agree more!

(DA!)--Hanley doesn't run very well.  Littlejohn looks better, even though he's carrying a stretcher.

And nice goin', Hanley!  You killed off the doctor.  Ran him to death.  I like the line:  "I'd almost forgotten there were natural ways to die."

(DA!)--Caje making the "kkkkkkkkk" noise while doing the finger-slash-throat symbol to that Frenchman is quite attractive, really.

Stupid Doc, not figuring out that Hanley and Saunders are trying to keep Herr Doctor from knowing why the Frenchman is here.  Honestly, could they write that character any dumber?

I'm sorry, but Crown standing between Temple's raised feet makes it look like Temple is gonna have a baby and Crown's gonna catch.

Does everyone in this show have Type O blood?  Please!

I love that Hanley keeps asking questions and Saunders keeps supplying answers.  Even with his higher rank, the Lt. still remembers that Saunders has been around longer and knows more.  Yay!

AND I lurve Saunders yelling at Herr Doctor.  He's smooth and mean, like a deadly snake.  "If this man dies, I'll kill you."  He means it!

I really like the close-ups of the eyes above surgical masks during the operation.  And everyone is so silent, it gets really tense.  Guess I'm used to the chatty surgery of "M*A*S*H."  When Saunders says "No blood pressure," I actually jump!

I notice that Temple, like quite a few other characters in "Combat!", dies with his eyes open, more realistically than most television shows from back then, I think.

  The poor nuns are stuck with the cleaning up.  They end back where we met them -- digging.  And I still don't understand the title.   

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