One of my favorite eps in the whole series!  I really have a thing for courtroom drama (I love the show "Perry Mason," and the "Star Trek" episode "Court Martial" is one of my top 3 faves for that series).

(DA!)--And how am I not gonna love an ep that gives me Saunders and Caje in dress uniforms in the very first scene?  Yeow!  Although, I've gotta say I prefer Saunders dirty and scruffy to spiffy and slicked up... Caje on the other hand -- can he ever look bad? Some people are just so lucky!

Jack Hogan puts in another grand performance in this ep.  He's great through the whole thing, but particularly magnificent during the opening of the trial when he just stands there looking angry and scared, his chin quivering but his teeth clenched.

I'm sorry, but Conlan Carter looks too sweet and nice to be an MP.  The 'heavy' we can see over Kirby's shoulder, on the other hand, looks like an MP.  Conlan Carter looks like if you broke a rule, he'd shake his head and ask you not to do it again.

Saunders looks uncomfortable in his buttoned-to-the-hilt shirt and tie.  Caje and even Kirby are much more at ease.

I absolutely adore the scene between Saunders, Caje, and Kirby in Kirby's cell.  When Sarge asks, "Kirby, did you do it?" I just hold my breath waiting for the answer.  And what does Kirby say?  "Have I ever lied to you?"  Gah!  Brilliant writing!  Of course he's lied to Sarge!  He does it all the time!  I love Saunders' reaction to that, the frustrated glare.

I find it really interesting that Kirby could fool Caje with his "I'm not worried" act, but not Saunders.  Guess he and Caje aren't really close buddies yet.  In fact, come to think of it, Caje still seems closer to Saunders most of the time.

(DA!)--Back in Kirby's cell later, um, yeah, Kirby is wearing a muscle shirt and he's brooding and he's leaning on the wall and I think I am about to go insane!  Wooooohoooo!

I like how there's some continuity with previous eps, how Kirby refers to the French Cafe fight he had in "Off Limits."  In fact, the first time I saw this, I initially thought maybe Saunders had carried out his threat from that ep and thrown the book at Kirby. Of course, once they read the charges I know it ain't so.

It's great how Saunders sits down at Sgt. Metcalf's table and THEN asks if he can join him.  Very bold.

I can't really dislike Metcalf, especially after he says, "No, my friend, I don't hate.  I sure do have bad dreams though."  I could almost hear Saunders say that.

(DA!)--Aren't Saunders and Caje cute, all hunched over their wine and maps in the cafe?  And then those grins when Caje agrees to go spent-casing hunting!

Have you ever noticed how sometimes Caje gives a little hop before he starts running?  This is not an (DA!) comment, I'm just mentioning it, cuz it's kinda interesting.  None of the other characters do that.

This is a fantastically fun ep for me cuz we get a courtroom drama, AND we get to skulk around in the woods!  But, um, why are those Germans laying wire in the middle of the night?  What kind of wire?  Communication wire?  Through no-man's land?

Weird, Saunders trips on a wire.  He must be really tired or something, cuz he's usually not very clumsy.  Also, he still hasn't acquired his own knife....

(DA!)--Need I mention he sits once again in the one knee up, one knee down position I mentioned earlier?  Pant pant pant pant...

I love that we get to see the flashback from Kirby's point of view too, not just from Metcalf's.  The changes are subtle, but really cool.  Also, Jack Hogan portrays disorientation very nicely.

Um, once Saunders and Caje climb out of the hole up there on Hill 256, they stop and pull the casings out of their pockets and show them to each other. Then they put them back in their pockets and crawl away.  Why?   Why in the world do they do this?  The audience knows they have them.  The characters themselves know they have them.  And they're in a lot of danger right there... surely someone will come looking for the dead Kraut.  It's very very silly and stagey.

(Reverse-DA!)--Vic Morrow looks terrible with his hair combed!  Someone muss it up again, please!  Caje, on the other hand...

I love and adore the ending, with just the line, "Let's go home" and off they walk.  Hooray!



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