Whoa, really short teaser in this ep!  It's like, bang! boom! roll credits!

(DA!)--Oooooh yes!  Let's all hop over a wall!  This France place needs more walls for us to hop over.  Then, to add to this ecstacy, Saunders reads my mind and says "Now we're gonna hafta do it again!"  Yay!  Oh -- wait -- he meant charge the position again, not re-hop over the wall.  Blast.

What nice series-continuity... Caje alludes to the events of "A Day in June" and the buddy he lost.

(DA!)--who came up with this silly idea of having soldiers wear ponchos in the rain?  Don't they know that the whole point of rain is that it makes men wet?  Grrr, somebody's always spoiling my fun.

Littlejohn gets a great line in this ep: "There's nothing in the army manual that says you have to believe a musician."  Hee hee!

(DA!)--thanks, Hanley, "on your bellies all the way" is just the way I like 'em!  As long as they crawl away from the camera...

Okay, when Lt. Hanley rushes the barn, he says, "We didn't even draw a BB shot."  Uh, are we expecting to draw BB shots?  Cuz I realize the Krauts might be a little desperate, but I really don't think they're down to using BB guns yet...

Um, you know, if this Lawson dude wants to win the war all by himself, why don't we let him?  You know, like the Greeks did -- let Achilles go one-on-one with the enemy's best boy, and whoever's left standing, their side wins.  Come to think of it, Lawson has a lot of similarities with Achilles.  Both majorly good fighters, both pretty insolent cuz they know they're good, both told by their mamas that they wouldn't come back from the war alive...

Poor Saunders -- when he gives Lawson a PPT, the kid actually looks bored, glances around...this is not the kind of reception PPTs usually get!

Hey, Kirby, whaddaya mean Lawson'll get you all the hard jobs?  First squad ALREADY gets all the hard jobs!

(DA!)--Finally!  A director who understands the importance of having the guys run AWAY from the camera!  More eps by Paul Stanley, please!

The whole duel with the half-track at the end is tense, and for some reason, I thought I remembered that Lawson died.  No such luck.  Maybe none of the Krauts aimed at his feet...

Not one of my fave eps.  It's okay, just kinda dull.



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