I hate the really cheesy opening credits.  So glad this is the only ep that has them!

The guys are looking very dirty today.  And the scene with Saunders climbing those outside stairs is quite lovely.  Just the way that guy moves... okay, sorry, sorry, I'm really trying to keep my drool to myself, honest!  But I MUST say that his entrance into the room from the stairs is delicious -- and he holds his manly stance for such a nice long time!

I don't even recognize Kirby until he speaks, he's so dirty.  And I'm sorry, but Caje's helmet looks silly with all those long leaves sticking out of it -- like he got really messy while eating a banana.

I like Doc admitting he probably wouldn't have done Black Rook any good anyway... it's nicely honest.

Wouldn't it be great to be a lieutenant?  Just think of it -- reclining easily by a radio in the cool shade of some trees, far from all the dirt and danger.  I really just wanna jump into the scene and holler at Hanley:  "Stop being so lazy!  The other guys can't take it easy, so neither can you!  Do something!"

There is a delightful running theme in "Combat!" that involves Saunders and water.  Think of how often we're treated to him pouring a helmetful of water over his head, or standing under a leaky pipe, or hopping into a river... he looks so nice when he's wet!  Guess the directors thought so too...

Saunders and the writers very sweetly try to give Doc #1 a personality in this ep.  Saunders even gets to devote a whole line to this: "You never say much to anybody -- that's your personality."  Hmph.  You'd think the writers coulda done better by the poor guy than by making him quiet and worried and boring.

Kirby catches his helmet quite gracefully when Doc tosses it from the stairs above.  Wonder how often they had to practice that?

Saunders is very scary when he frisks Dorffman.  I think he's trying to be 'bad cop' and 'worse cop' all at once.

Dorffman tells Doc he used to be a magician, and I spend the rest of the ep wondering what he has up his sleeves.

I really hate Kirby in this ep.  Him and his booby-trapped apples -- I could slug him!  I spend this ep longing for the mellower (but always swaggering!) Kirby to come.

According to Jo's notes, "A Day in June" is the only time Saunders smokes a cigar.  But doesn't he light one up in this ep at night before he gets all tough with Dorffman again?  Sure looks like it to me.

The end of this ep makes me shiver, and it's not just because we're all gonna have to go swimming.  The fear and agreement in Caje's eyes, Doc's disbelief, the sadness and worry Saunders tries to hide, Kirby's doubtful encouragement -- it's all powerful stuff!  And Caje about to shoot Dorffman is brilliant!  Edgy, loud, shaking... what an actor that Pierre Jalbert is!  Then when he's outside, his casual "Did they make it?  Who goes next?" are so chilling.

I won't say anything at all about how wet and wonderful the guys are after their little swim.  So there.

BUT after the heart-stoppingly wonderful scene at the very very end when Caje defiantly says he didn't kill Dorffman, I am kinda confused as to why Saunders walks off and embraces a tree.  Is the tree his friend?  Does he think it will bring him a new Tommygun?  It's just a weird thing to do and I don't get it.



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