This is one of the best "Hanley-off-by-himself-just-doodling-around" episodes.  There's a wonderful plot, and everyone turns in great performances.  I suppose I should credit Robert Altman for directing it, although I didn't notice any animals in it.  Hmm.

Rick Jason is amazing in the scene where Hanley plays dead.  I never see him twitch except when he's supposed to.  I don't think I could hold that still.

(DA!)--Even when he's ghastly and dirty, Hanley still looks good!  Why can't I be like that?

Another great bit of acting from Rick Jason:  when Hanley is being interrogated, he sits with his hands flat and still on the table in front of him.  It makes him look calm, yet helpless.  Love it!  (I feel like I've been slighting Jason/Hanley in favor of Morrow/Saunders all this time, so I'm trying to notice him/him more.  But I'll always love Saunders best).

I think the Krauts are recycling their soldiers.  The General and the SS guy both look awfully familiar ;-)  I guess that's why we got stuck in Normandy for five whole years -- we couldn't get those Krauts to stay dead.

(DA!)-- Oh mama!  Does Hanley look grrrreat in that Nazi uniform!  Soooooo spiffy and commanding.  Those jackboots do wonders for his legs.  Reminds me of that "Star Trek" ep where Kirk and Spock got to wear Nazi uniforms.  Or the "Angel" ep where Spike is in the SS...

This Maria chick has an okay voice (reminds me of Marlene Dietrich, as I'm sure it's supposed to), but what's with the flailing arms?  Does she lead aerobics during the daylight hours?

The kids with guns are really scary.  Unexpected and unpredictable.  There is no play left in their faces, and their imaginations are ruined by the horrors of war.

Why doesn't Hanley use his charm to win Maria over and get her to help him and her father?  Where's that winning smile and that careless sparkle when we need it?  Also, um, he says that the guys following them are Gestapo, but I think they're really SS :-(

Hanley is really lucky that soldier he lands on when jumping off the train doesn't make any noise.  If some big dude suddenly landed on me, I think I'd yell.  I mean, look at all the noise I make when I just stub a toe.

I like that Hanley gets the distinction between Nazis and the German people.  He tells the General so.  This is a distinction that "Combat!" generally makes very well.


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