I always forget that this is told in flashback, because when we taped it off TV when I was a kid, we missed the first couple minutes.  How did the ep start before they added the opener?  Did it just begin with them in Britain?  Was there narration?  Does anyone know?

(DA!)--And that opener... what a horrible thing to have missed all those years!  Saunders is w-e-t!  Kirby's in his skivvies!  Oooh-la-la!  I have to watch it a couple times when I see the ep on DVD, just to make up for lost time :-9

Anyway, here we are in church.  I think it's the only intact, non-demolished church we'll ever see in this series.  Does Hanley always have to encourage Doc to get moving?  Does Doc always initially ignore Hanley's orders, then reluctantly follow?  I think we shoulda left him there.

(DA!)--Hanley looks great in that uniform, esp when he's riding in the bus and being a smoothie.

But what do Hanley and Saunders see in this Hazel chick?  She's too flashy and too bright and too... silly.  They can sooo do better.

Ahhh, how charming Sgt. Saunders can be!  He waltzes right through that crap game, and no one minds!  He delivers his first-ever PPT (to Doc) only a couple minutes after making his very first appearance in our lives, and gets no back-talk in return!  Doc doesn't even roll his eyes!  He actually appreciates the PPT!  Sarge, don't get used to this -- most people (esp Kirby) are not that receptive. 

I love Saunders and Hanley picking at each other.  They're a little mean, but they're playful.  Until Hanley slaps Saunders with guard duty, that is... then we are treated to the advent of the Saunders Stare.

Okay, Caddy & Theo's little song about the sheep is starting to annoy me too, it's not just poor Beecham being crabby.  Don't they know any other songs? 

(DA!)--Get a load of that Saunders, sleeping like a baby on the PT boat!  He opens his eyes and flutters them a little (or were those my heartstrings?), moves his head, sighs... mmmmmmmm...

Already Saunders is giving Hanley advice on how to win the war.  Let's see if Hanley is bright enough to take it...

WHAT?  We're in the 3rd Platoon?  Since when?  Silly them, don't they know this is the 2nd Platoon?  Next thing you know, we'll be in Love Co. instead of King Co., or some such fiddlefaddle.  Gee whilikers, don't these people ever read the scripts?

You know, it takes more than half the ep for us to actually get to the war.

Why, when they hit the beach, is whiny Doc hollering for Saunders?  Go help the wounded, you dope!  That's what you're there for!  Oh, forgive me, I forgot.  You're really just here to look confused and mournful.  On second thought, the wounded are probably better off without your help.

What is with the sound effects when Theo gets killed?  It sounds like a gun went off inside a tuba.

Aha!  Hanley DOES take Saunders's advice.  Good, I don't like going into orchards in this show.  Always involves either Krauts or trauma.

There's a lot of off-camera talking in this ep, most of which sounds very dubby.  Wonder if I'm hearing things, or if they did a lot of pick-ups and dub-overs after shooting this ep.

Um, how come Doc doesn't tell Hanley and Saunders about Caddy bugging out?  Oh yeah, I forgot, he's just here to look confused...

Those Germans at the farmhouse must be deaf.  They totally don't hear the prisoners behind them killing off the other Krauts and taking the machine gun.

So the moral of this story is that a little wine and a French girl will cure all your problems, eh?


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