I think Littlejohn's second-greatest line ever could be "I thought this was one hole..." from the opener of this ep (his best being "Love me, love my sergeant," of  course).  And Caje gives him a very interesting look in return... a  mixture of "good grief" and "you got it."

How come two guys rush out and pick up the wounded guy, but no one helps Saunders?  I'm surprised he makes it all the way to Hanley before falling over.  And I've really gotta sympathize with Hanley when he has to tell Saunders to go out again -- he truly looks like he doesn't want to tell him.

Alas, we have to spend the rest of the ep tagging along with Grumpy-Butt Jenkins the Jerk.  In fact, I think I'll call him Jerkins for the rest of my commentage.  And may I just say that NO ONE wipes Saunders' nose except HIM (or ME, lol).  Also, Jerkins runs like a girl.

You know, people keep threatening to court-martial Saunders, or making vague comments along those lines, but no one ever does.  It could have made an interesting ep... unless there IS one like that, and I just don't know about it cuz I haven't seen them all yet...

Someone else (Judy Hough?) mentioned that it sounds like Vic Morrow has a cold in this ep.  I agree.  He sounds stuffy and nasal.

Um, so they shoot the sniper, yay.  But then they all get up and walk around in the open and make a lot of noise.  Hey, guys, don't you think there could be more than one sniper around?  They could work in pairs, you know.  And even if one of them was just a spotter or something, he still might have a weapon.

(DA!)--Saunders makes a tres lovely entrance into the mill, and Altman chooses a lovely camera angle when Saunders climbs those stairs...

Alas, here we have the Signature Altman Cat.  It's got quite a part this time, eh?  Traitorous little feline...

The leaves in Jerkins' hat make him look like a 6-foot potted plant.

Why is there a crawlspace behind that ladder?  Did the mill owner have kids who liked to play hide-and-seek?  It seems awfully convenient.

I have to say, staying there and relaying info is not Saunders' brightest idea.  Neither he nor Jerkins speak German -- what kind of info does he think he'll be relaying?  Their position?  They could just walk back and tell S2 or whoever.

Saunders can yell very quietly.  The whispered tirade he directs toward Jerkins is chilling!

I've gotta give Jerkins credit for being pretty smart with the whole "get the map where Saunders can see it" plan though.  Not sure I'd have thought of that.

Saunders escapes and falls into a river.  This pleases me, but I don't think it'll help Vic's cold any.

And for once, Saunders is on the receiving end of a PPT.  Doesn't happen often, and he looks a little confused by it.

Finally, walking around in that mud puddle is also not gonna help his cold.  It's like somebody wanted him to get sicker...



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