Not one of my favorite episodes, although I don't dislike it as much as the previous one.  I've finally put a finger on what bugs me about this ep:   Saunders is wrong.  He's never ever EVER supposed to be wrong!  But he takes Janine out of the garden, and he shouldn't.  Hmph.  Grumble grumble grumble.

Okay, at the very beginning, we see the window of a bombed-out building.  And the curtains of this window are flaming.  And there's a Kraut doing chin-ups from the windowsill.  Huh?  Okay, he's probably trying to escape the building, but it sure doesn't look that way to me....

There's a lot of nice firefight and explosions at the beginning, but the upside-down shots by the wall, with Germans falling over the camera... those are just odd.

When our guys are all hiding behind the wall, Kirby sneezes and says, "I think I'm gettin' a cold, Sarge."  It kinda sounds like an ad-lib, and Saunders gives him a really odd eye-rolling look.

I'm glad Hanley thinks to send Saunders back into town to mop it up -- they really made a big mess there!  Rubble, rubble everywhere... somebody needs to start cleaning, that's for sure.

Billy again gets the award for Cutest Expression, for the scene with Kirby and the garter.

(DA)--Saunders really l-e-a-n-s against the wall as he gazes into the garden.  Silly Caje and Doc interrupt him :-(

I feel quite sorry for Saunders as he tries to explain the war to these two women.  He gets the same exasperated expression that my husband gets when he's trying to explain some political theory to me (or that I get when I try explaining a new insight I've just  had for some character in "Hamlet").

Silly silly silly Saunders.  He looks deeply into Janine's eyes and says, "I know you don't understand English, but I want you to try."  Yeah, like that's gonna work!  That's like the warning labels that say:  "These warnings are in English.  If you cannot read English, please find someone to read them to you."

(DA)--Isn't Saunders adorable when he coaxes?  That little emphatic head-shake he does when he says 'please' should melt the stubbornest resistance.

Hanley hands a pair of binoculars to Saunders, who promptly wipes off the eyepieces.  Is he afraid of germs?

You know, where does Saunders think he's going to take those two women where they'll be safer than in the garden?  Back to that itty bitty wall everyone else is hiding behind?  Honestly.

I've gotta say, dancing at gunpoint is really romantic -- NOT!  Way to kill the mood, old woman.

(DA)--In the barn, both Hanley and Saunders are leaning!  Saunders chooses the one-arm open lean, while Hanley opts for the whole-body-against-a-doorframe pose.  Yummmmmm!


(DA)--Awww, we get to watch Saunders wake up.  He looks like he's about four years old for a moment or two, all rumpled and yawny.

(DA)--OH YEAH!  Saunders gets to climb onto a tank and save the day!  I have to rewind this bit and watch it about four times... it looks just as good backwards as forwards, btw.  He hops, he grabs, he swings, he clambers, he gives the camera a nice Kodak Moment, and then slithers down the hatch.  Mmmmmmmmm.  Best part of this whole ep!



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