Good boy, Hanley!  Friends don't let friends drive while asleep.  Just because you're a big bad officer now doesn't mean you can't drive your own jeep once in a while.

What's that squiggly mark on the Kraut plane to the right of the cross?

Uh, Hanley, what did I tell you about not letting your friends drive while they're half asleep?  Did you already decide you're too good to chauffeur your own self around?

And can Hanley's grin get any wider when he spots that nurse in the cafe?  While we're talking about his mouth... he looks very silly when he's chewing.  And look how amazingly huge he is next to David the Brit!  I mean, he just towers over him!  I keep forgetting how tall Hanley is (maybe cuz he's always sitting in a jeep?  Okay, fine, I promise to stop with the jeep jokes)

Oh dear, it's a cat.  In a Robert Altman episode.  Never bodes well.

It's our first Littlejohn sighting!  I guess they decided since he used to be a farmer he'd be just the one to herd everyone off the street.

Why does David turn off the phonograph?  Is he afraid the record will get scratched during the bombing?

So, I'm confused by this David chap.  He tells Anne to stop waiting for him... but he gets awful ticked off when she chats with Hanley.  Make up your mind!

I watched this ep during a thunderstorm, which gave the bombing raid added realism.  I highly recommend this -- next time you have a big storm, throw in this ep and pretend you have surround sound.

This ep always makes me want to scream.  It's so agonizingly tense.  Brilliant, in other words.

Rick Jason is brilliant in this ep.  He communicates pain and bravery quite nicely, with a delicious dolop of sarcasm to top it off. 

(DA!)--When Hanley smashes that morphine, I very nearly forget the existence of Sgt. Saunders for a nanosecond!  He's THAT sexy right there!

(DA!)--Forget Hanley.  Saunders looks refreshed and prowly.  Can I meet him in that cave cafe?

This is a very technical and well-researched ep.  It's not just us out tramping about and shooting at stuff.  I kinda like it -- I feel like I'm learning things while I watch it.  Plus, you never know when the knowledge of how to disarm a WWII German time-bomb will come in handy.

(DA!)--Hanley giving in to his pain while David takes the fuse outside is quite nummy.  I like this more human Hanley, and wish we'd see more of him.


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